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30 hours on-line WPDSA / 6 & 6 BTW $385.00 
30 hours on-line WPDSA / 9 & 0 BTW $550.00 (if you desire 9 btw lessons instead of the typical 6 lessons, please indicate this via an e-mail, phone call or text)
BTW - H66 Program $370.00(6 hours BTW / 6 hours observation)
BTW - H90 Program $550.00(9 hours BTW / 0 hours observation)
No show fee $30.0024-hour cancellation notice required to avoid fee. Includes the option on our part to access fee for such things as: sickness, work, practice, didn't feel like driving, or simply forgot
Trinity car used for road test $60.00 
Private driving lesson (1 hour) $60.00 
Adult (one on one) lessons – per hour $60.00 
Adult (one on one) lessons - 6 hours $350.00 

Possible Additional Fees

Transfer fee: WPDSA school's approved on-line program course $75.00 
BTW - no show $30.00 
Re- in-statement fee into program $75.00see Teen Education
Trinity car used for road test $60.00 
Internet code fee (make-up class on-line) $20.00 

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