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WPDSA Online Program11/1/201912/31/2025  

When you click on the online session and properly enter all the required information and send you will get a message saying that the message sent. It is located under the "How did you find us" to the right side where you entered the personal information. If you keep sending the system will keep submitting registrations. If you are uncomfortable because you can not see the 'message sent' to the right, then send us a text to 920-716-4391 and ask if a registration was received for ( your students name ). We'll check ASAP & get back to you to confirm the registration was received or we'll notify you & we'll get the information necessary from you that way. The 66 btw indicates 6 driving lessons ( 1 hour drive & 1 hour observation ). If you desire to have the 90 btw program ( 9 hours drive / no observation ). You need to be aware of the fact that WI teens can now obtain their learners permit at 15 years of age so if you want to take advantage of the 12 month period of being able to allow them to drive up to 6 extra months before taking a road test, it is important to get them started online at an earlier age. This Youtube video is a 10 minutes explanation of the general process.

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